1918 Heritage Bar


Located at 10 Telok Blangah Green, The Alkaff Mansion is a charming and historical venue in Singapore that houses the 1918 Heritage Bar. With a rating of 4.0 based on 67 reviews, it offers a unique dining experience in a beautiful setting. This is a must-visit for anyone looking for exceptional cuisine and a delightful ambience combined with top-notch service.

In this article, we will discuss the ratings and reviews, special drinks and foods from each place, as well as the contact information of the 1918 Heritage Bar at The Alkaff Mansion.

Ratings and Reviews:
The Alkaff Mansion at 1918 Heritage Bar has received an overall rating of 4.0 based on 67 reviews. The ratings are based on food, service, value, and atmosphere, making it a great choice for dining, late-night outings, and enjoying drinks. Based on these ratings, this historic establishment ranks as #405 out of 1,556 Singaporean restaurants and #1,598 out of 10,008 restaurants in Singapore.

Detailed Reviews:

OnAir549831898291 had a great experience at The Alkaff Mansion, mentioning the great food, awesome atmosphere, live music, and excellent service staff. The place was highly recommended for dinner, and the visit was in September 2023.

Nglilinserene expressed their disappointment with the food and service in their review from June 2022. The review highlighted a sour mussels dish and dry meat, despite complementing the good service.

Mandeep T visited in April 2022 and had a mixed experience, lauding the beautiful setting, great live music, and good service. However, they were disappointed by the poor food quality and service, describing the final experience as a “massive letdown.”

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DJSingapore had a fabulous Spanish experience at TXA, praising the friendly service, delightful food, and fabulous drinks. The review was from September 2021, where diners enjoyed Iberico Pork Secreto and ended the meal with a complimentary birthday dessert.

Lin a had a pleasant time with fabulous grills, great service, and a great ambience. This review was from July 2021, during the heightened state of the country.

Dance_heartbeat described their visit as romantic, nature-filled, and a chill experience. While they felt that the staff might be understaffed during events, they enjoyed the food and the bar manager’s impressive secret menu. This experience was from May 2021.

Eric P was disappointed by the choice of music, mentioning that it ruined the ambiance at the Spanish tapas bar. Despite describing the setting as beautiful with decent food, the review suggested that the music selection was not suitable.

jonathanfein shared their surprise at discovering the hidden gem within the historical mansion, praising the excellent service experienced during their visit in March 2021.

Special Drinks & Food:

The 1918 Heritage Bar offers a variety of special drinks and foods. Some of the special drinks include cocktails, mocktails, wines, and spirits. The bar’s signature cocktails are crafted with unique combinations, appealing to a wide range of tastes. From refreshing mojitos to classic martinis, the bar serves an array of cocktails to satisfy different preferences.

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For food, the 1918 Heritage Bar serves a delightful selection of dishes. The menu features a blend of traditional and contemporary flavors, showcasing the best of Singaporean and international cuisine. From grilled delights to tantalizing tapas, the food menu complements the bar’s extensive drinks selection.


The 1918 Heritage Bar at The Alkaff Mansion is a unique and historically rich venue that offers a delightful dining and drinking experience. Despite mixed reviews, the bar is known for its beautiful setting, accommodating service, and delicious food and drinks. Whether you’re seeking a romantic evening, a relaxed night out, or a family gathering, the bar’s special drinks and food are sure to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Don’t miss out on the special cocktails and exceptional menu offerings at The Alkaff Mansion’s 1918 Heritage Bar. For a memorable night out, visit the 1918 Heritage Bar and explore the delightful selection of drinks and food that it has to offer.

For bookings and inquiries, contact 1918 Heritage Bar at The Alkaff Mansion at 10 Telok Blangah Green, Singapore, or reach out via phone at +65 8123 8484. Also, visit their website or send an email for more information or to make reservations. We hope you enjoy your time at The Alkaff Mansion’s 1918 Heritage Bar and create timeless memories over great food and drinks in a historical setting.

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