BLEUM Coffee – Pacific Place Jakarta

Nestled in the bustling Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta, BLEUM Coffee is a hidden gem for coffee enthusiasts. Boasting a rating of 4.5 stars and raving reviews from 56 satisfied customers, this cozy coffee shop is a must-visit for anyone looking for a caffeine fix in the South Jakarta City area. With its hip and modern ambiance, BLEUM Coffee offers a welcoming space for patrons to relax, socialize, or get some work done while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. The special menu at BLEUM Coffee features a variety of expertly crafted beverages that cater to every coffee lover’s palate. From classic espressos and lattes to unique signature drinks, there is something for everyone to enjoy. One standout item on the menu is the BLEUM Espresso Martini, a decadent cocktail that combines the rich flavors of espresso with a hint of sweetness and a kick of alcohol. For those looking for a non-caffeinated option, the Blueberry Matcha Latte is a refreshing choice that is both flavorful and visually appealing.
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In addition to their specialty drinks, BLEUM Coffee also offers a selection of gourmet pastries and light bites to complement your coffee experience. Indulge in a buttery croissant or a freshly baked muffin while sipping on your favorite brew, or opt for a savory sandwich or salad for a more substantial meal. With a focus on quality ingredients and impeccable presentation, the food at BLEUM Coffee is sure to satisfy even the most discerning foodie. The Pacific Place location of BLEUM Coffee further enhances the overall experience, as it provides a convenient and trendy setting for patrons to enjoy their coffee. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite spot or a tourist seeking a taste of Jakarta’s vibrant coffee culture, BLEUM Coffee is the place to be. In conclusion, BLEUM Coffee at Pacific Place Jakarta is a top-notch destination for coffee lovers seeking a memorable and satisfying experience. With its exceptional beverages, delectable food options, and inviting atmosphere, this coffee shop stands out as a must-visit establishment in the bustling South Jakarta City area. Stop by BLEUM Coffee today to indulge in a flavorful coffee experience that is sure to leave you coming back for more. Cheers to great coffee!
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5 thoughts on “BLEUM Coffee – Pacific Place Jakarta”

  1. This place used to be my go-to coffee shop until they changed the barista. Been giving so many chances and even I sent DM to them but no response. Their lattes no longer strong, and even did not change the milk for between hot beverage so I don’t see the difference between hot milk and steamed milk.

  2. It is a small coffeeshop, only 4 people are allowed to be inside during this pandemic, but it is surely a very homey and comfy cafe.

    The small space made it feels like the mental space between the customer and the barista being decreased.

    Well, maybe it was not only the space, maybe the barista was friendly too, or maybe it’s just me lol. We had a real good small talk about the coffee choices, and it was always nice to be able to see the barista perform in person from a close distant.

    He guided me to pick what was suitable with my mood, and he did made it perfectly as I wanted it to be. I already brought my cup into the sweetener section, thinking that I will need to add some as usual, only to found out that he did managed to give the sweetness perfectly, too. Lol. I didn’t add anything in the end, and enjoyed the whole cup happily.

    I’m an introvert, which means; I mostly don’t enjoy any small talk. But I somehow enjoy the ambience and small talk here. Maybe that is what has been lost at the big chain and spacious coffeeshop and cafe lately; genuinely human interaction (and not just as services).

    The coffee itself was perfect. Smells super nice, low acidity as how I want it, and very smooth in my mouth. The aftertaste was nice as well. I usually don’t take any coffee at evening, but I took it this time, and I still can sleep like a baby at night lol.

    A recommended one. I will surely be back again soon.

  3. One of the most underrated coffee stalls in SCBD. The coffee here taste pretty legit (it’s a bit bitter so it’s suitable for most Indonesian consumers).

    Pricing is pretty affordable, Kopi Susu costs you IDR 25K. Too bad that you can’t chit chat here because the seating place is pretty limited.

  4. My go to coffee whenever I’m at PP! They hardly ever fail any of the coffees made, and their latte art is also over the top 😍 coffee is fresh and pricing is great as well. They’re placed near the basement, but people should really come here more often bcs when you just need your staple cappuccino, they’ll make the perfect one for you.

  5. Decided to give another try, and yup, full arabica but with full body and intense chocolaty on milk based, it might be quite heavy on espresso based only menu. I suggest you to order milk whether ice or hot . La marzocco linea pb and mazzer super jolly on the line up. Worth to try

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