Brew Brother Coffee

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Brew Brother Coffee, also known as BBC, is a popular cafe located in the heart of Tarutung, Indonesia. It is a hunting cafe that offers a comfortable atmosphere, great service, and a strategic location which makes it a favorite spot for many visitors. The cafe prides itself on its strategic location which can be easily accessed by public and private transport. It is situated in the city center and offers affordable prices with top-notch quality. The cafe offers a wide variety of menu items, including special drinks like Red Velvet (hot) with personalized latte art. The aesthetic ambiance makes it a perfect place for relaxation, work, discussions, or simply hanging out with loved ones. If you haven’t been to Brew Brother Coffee, you can’t say you’ve experienced Tarutung to the fullest.

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Brew Brother Coffee is praised for its cozy and ethnic decor, making it a great place to hang out with friends. The cafe offers a wide range of coffee options with prices ranging from 8k to 30k, making it an affordable choice for coffee lovers. The special menu items include Piccolo and Espresso Susu, which are highly recommended by visitors for their excellent taste and presentation. However, it is recommended to be patient when ordering food as it may take a little longer compared to ordering drinks. Overall, Brew Brother Coffee is a highly recommended cafe in Tarutung for its great ambiance, friendly service, and delicious coffee.

Furthermore, many visitors have praised the cafe for its delicious coffee. The cafe offers a variety of coffee flavors and blends which are perfect for enjoying during the rainy season. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere, along with the extensive menu options, makes Brew Brother Coffee a great place for relaxing and chatting with friends while enjoying hot coffee lattes and delicious snacks like chocolate banana toast.

Despite the positive reviews, some visitors have expressed concerns about the service at Brew Brother Coffee. While the cafe is known for its comfortable atmosphere and delicious coffee, there have been instances where the staff lacked communication and attentiveness towards the customers’ needs. However, despite these concerns, many visitors continue to enjoy the delicious coffee and fantastic food at Brew Brother Coffee.

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In conclusion, Brew Brother Coffee is a must-visit cafe in Tarutung, Indonesia, offering a comfortable atmosphere, delicious coffee, and a wide variety of menu options. The cafe’s strategic location, affordable prices, and top-quality service make it a favorite spot for both locals and tourists. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a cozy spot to chat with friends, Brew Brother Coffee has something for everyone.

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W Trans sumatera Hwy 160, Tarutung 22411 Indonesia
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