Cooper’s coffee haus

Cooper’s Coffee Haus: The Best Coffee Shop in BGC

C3 29th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Rating: 4.5
Rated count: 26
Operating Hours:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 – 11:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 – 11:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Welcome to Cooper’s Coffee Haus, a cozy and inviting coffee shop located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City (BGC). With a stellar rating of 4.5 stars and 26 raving reviews, Cooper’s is known for serving up some of the best coffee in town.

At Cooper’s Coffee Haus, every cup of coffee is brewed with precision and care. Whether you’re a die-hard espresso fan or prefer a creamy latte, the baristas at Cooper’s will craft the perfect drink to suit your taste buds.

One of the standout features of Cooper’s Coffee Haus is their special menu, which offers unique and innovative coffee creations that you won’t find anywhere else. From their signature blend of cold brew to their hand-crafted seasonal lattes, there’s always something new and exciting to try at Cooper’s.

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Special Menu Items:

1. Cooper’s Cold Brew: A smooth and bold cold brew coffee that is steeped for 12 hours to perfection. Served over ice, it’s the perfect pick-me-up on a hot day.

2. Seasonal Latte: Each season, Cooper’s introduces a new and unique latte flavor that is sure to delight your taste buds. From pumpkin spice in the fall to peppermint mocha in the winter, there’s always something exciting on the menu.

3. Avo Toast: Not just your average avocado toast! Cooper’s takes this classic dish to the next level with fresh avocado, heirloom tomatoes, and a sprinkle of feta cheese on sourdough bread.

4. Matcha Croissant: A flaky croissant filled with creamy matcha-infused pastry cream. It’s the perfect pairing with your morning latte.

5. Choco Chip Cookie Affogato: Indulge in a scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned in a shot of espresso, topped with chunks of gooey chocolate chip cookies. It’s a dessert and coffee all in one!

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When it comes to quality coffee, cozy ambiance, and friendly service, Cooper’s Coffee Haus truly stands out as the best coffee shop in BGC. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to work, catch up with friends, or simply enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, Cooper’s has got you covered.

So why not pay a visit to Cooper’s Coffee Haus today and experience the magic for yourself? With their extensive menu of coffee drinks, delectable food offerings, and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder why Cooper’s has earned the title of the best coffee shop in BGC.

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5 thoughts on “Cooper’s coffee haus”

  1. Tried their iced matcha and it is one of the best matcha i have tasted. This is not too pricey compared to others as well.

    Asked their staff what’s their best seller in their pastries and she recommended pain au chocolat, and it did not disappoint.

    I had a hard time finding it since it is located inside Hai Chix & Steaks. I though I was lost but once you saw Haichix, you can clearly see the coffee shop.

  2. After our satisfying experience at bb.q chicken, we decided to explore another local gem – Cooper’s Coffee Haus. This small coffee spot caught our attention with its inviting atmosphere, complete with a cute logo and a window that offers a sneak peek into the culinary creations happening inside.

    We ordered the following dishes
    1) Honey Oat Latte – Iced (₱230)
    – The initial sip reveals a robust espresso flavor, gradually balanced by the creamy oat milk.
    – The sweetness unfolds gently, with the honeycomb adding a delightful twist over time, making it an ideal choice for those planning to enjoy their drink over an extended period.

    2) Mocha Latte – Iced (₱190)
    – Gela appreciated its chocolatey essence while still allowing the espresso kick to shine through.
    – The generous portion size for the price makes it a noteworthy choice for those who enjoy a sizable cup of iced mocha.

    3) Brown Butter Latte – Iced (₱190)
    – Ron’s experience was positively brief. With no additional comments, he straightforwardly stated that it’s good – a clear endorsement that, for him, justifies the price tag.

    In conclusion, Cooper’s Coffee Haus managed to surpass some of our expectations for a local café. Our curiosity is piqued, and we look forward to returning, particularly to explore their crepe options, which unfortunately had to be skipped on this visit due to a recent lunch. It’s worth noting that if you opt to dine inside, be aware that the space is shared with Hai Chix & Steaks, which occupies a significant portion of the interior.

  3. been on my list to try, but honestly a bit mid. i got their brown sugar latte less sweet but it was still sweet to my standards.

    for a high end coffee place where you expect a nice atmosphere, i think it falls short. located in a dark restaurant with minimal dedicated seating

  4. The ambience at Cooper’s BGC is great for people who want to sit down, relax and mingle with peers. Their coffee and other beverages are priced reasonably and taste just as good! We also commend the attentiveness of the staff, and how pleasant it is to interact with them.

    We got the Dirty Matcha, Brown Butter Latter and Iced Chocolate. All the drinks were a hit! Even our dog got a free puppiccino from the staff.

  5. (visited November 2023)

    Sat outside and thought it would be hot, but it was actually quite cool and breezy!

    Ordered ice ube latte (Php 205) and iced white chocolate mocha (Php 200) and honey oat latte (Php 230). Pricier because they’re special lattes that we ordered in lieu of having dessert, but the servings are huge!

    Ube latte was really good, a solid ube taste that didn’t give that artificial ube/melted ice cream taste with halaya. Would recommend this for ube lovers! White chocolate mocha wasn’t too sweet and you could still taste the caffeine. Same for the honey oat latte, I could still taste the caffeine behind the oat milk and the honeycomb bits.

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