Crush Bistro

Crush Bistro is a popular American restaurant located in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. It offers a diverse menu that includes a wide range of dishes and specialties. The restaurant has been consistently rated as one of the top restaurants in Anchorage and has received numerous positive reviews from guests. In this article, we will provide an overview of the restaurant, details about its special dishes and drinks, and review some of the ratings and feedback it has received from patrons.

The restaurant’s menu features a range of American, wine bar, and international cuisine. It also offers several options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten-free dietary requirements. Crush Bistro is well-known for its unique and creative food offerings, and it provides an upscale dining experience in a relaxed and elegant setting.

Special Drinks and Food:
The restaurant’s menu includes a variety of special drinks and delicious food options. Some of the special dishes include:

Salads: Crush Bistro offers a variety of salads such as Nicoise salad, arugula salad with grilled sirloin, watermelon and feta salad with chicken skewers, and toasted goat cheese salad.

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Dinner: The dinner menu includes a selection of artisan bread, truffled white bean pate, shrimp bisque, and various types of salads along with plates like grilled flat iron steak sandwiches, seafood quesadillas, and shrimp mac and cheese.

Desserts: The dessert menu features options like lemon mascarpone cheesecake, bread pudding with rum sauce, double chocolate “whoopie” pie, and Matanuska blueberry ice cream.

The restaurant’s drink menu offers an excellent selection of wines, cocktails, and other beverages to complement the food.

Ratings and Reviews:
Crush Bistro has received numerous positive ratings and reviews from patrons. It has an overall rating of 4.5 stars based on 303 reviews. The restaurant is ranked as the #13 American restaurant in Anchorage and the #11 restaurant out of 410 restaurants in Anchorage.

Reviewers have consistently praised the excellent food, impeccable service, and the overall value and atmosphere provided by Crush Bistro. Words like “flavorful,” “creative,” “excellent,” and “delicious” were frequently used to describe the food and dining experience.

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Crush Bistro in Anchorage, Alaska is a highly-rated American restaurant that offers a diverse menu of delicious food and special drinks. With its unique and creative dishes, excellent service, and inviting atmosphere, it has consistently impressed diners and has become a popular dining destination in the area. Whether you are looking for a high-quality dining experience, a unique cocktail, or a special dessert, Crush Bistro offers something for everyone. If you are in Anchorage, be sure to visit Crush Bistro for an unforgettable dining experience.

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