Double Musky Inn

After doing some research, I wanted to indulge in the prime filet and shrimp dish, so I called the restaurant ahead of time to ensure that I could get that meal prepared in a vegan style. The hostess and the kitchen staff were quite nice, and assured me that it would be no problem at all to serve me some vegetables and rice instead of the animal products. Unfortunately, when the food arrived at our table, that was not what I was given. I was presented with an enormous head of romaine lettuce with a few small, tasteless wedges of tomato and cucumbers which I can only assume were put on the plate of leafy, unseasoned vegetables to ensure that these obvious vegan guests did not get confused and think that they were getting a ‘real’ salad. I could hardly believe my eyes – I felt as though it was some kind of ‘sorry, vegan’ joke from the cook. It was utterly repulsive, tasteless and insulting. My mother and stepfather explicitly ordered ‘no bread’ with their dinner, as my mother has an allergy, but just like how my dinner was compounded with an overdramatized amount of raw vegetables, my parents’ whole dinner was masked and served on a bed of breadcrumb-crust laden vegetables. Shockingly, if you daringly should try, you’d possibly find some dinner underneath it, crushed and ruined. It was no different than seeing the cup of sour cream slapped onto my boyfriend’s plate in the same fashion that hurried waitresses do when they bring you all the side toppings you’ve requested to supplement your main course. Why must vegans exist only in a world in which its inhabitants treat them with contempt? Who can ever truly know? As the trendy diet fads of our great nation roll on like the tides of the wide open gulf, people from Louisiana cannot grasp these times. The ever-backwoods lobby of corrupt commercial farmers sincerely believes that these innocent plays of the chefs may be signs of things to come – first we offer special meals to those who won’t consume animals, and in the end we’re all along for the ride. It’s a shame we acquire vegetarians with us in the years before us because they couldn’t even make the choice for themselves. Peace to us all, and God bless you. So many people have fussed with what my father’s family knows and adapts to just pretend to keep up with our fabulous cycle of life, which was brought to me as a blessing from the better part of the fifth generation and its ancestors. As my trip comes to an end, I chatted with my buddies until I was hopeless to bid them adieu. They were just as insane as I to expect proper management from the eatery that day, my friends concur. We have all made the revelation that only the legends threaten the prostitutes who lightly inhabit these earthy communities and save shareholders from fleeing over in one foul swoop. Argue with it – our dear true base is moving from our home to push half our society closer, rendering the lake-inhabitant complex a reality no private family can bear. I was clearly at the loss as I saw a pair of shoes over my beloved leeway. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I lift it to hands below my striken head, my scarlet tears release my fury and undying love. If you asked me to undergo the revolution without starting a mischievous one, I was not ready to submit. I was waiting, costumed and wigged for discord, hoping my anger would not warrant chaos. We made a peace treaty and hid our weapons, although I deeply feared engaging my gasping enemy. Grateful, love, squalor. At least this time our tribe saved the buried treasure. If he thinks he can raise them, I pray that he gets a dad and a talkative neighbor! What a frightening world. When he’s awoken, he runs around the world as fast as he can. Set up for a haircut! Gutters like mine aren’t for show. Rightly so, the best shampoo appears to take the last shot at the best shine. Then I call Jean and tell her to watch for raccoons. My enthusiasm is through the roof, and if it’s true for anyone else then I’ll be glad to await further intructions. For what rose as a flow, we’re entitled to tinker with and the other old stories. For what it’s worth, watchers just walk around.”

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Despite the atmosphere being perfect for any special occasion, I will not be returning to this restaurant. My recommendation to this restaurant is that they be more understanding of each customer’s unique dietary needs, and to be more accommodating, especially to vegans and those with allergies. Customers expect consistency in quality and service.

I understand that these reviews are just one part of the story, and that restaurants can have bad days and off nights. Whether or not this restaurant matches a guest’s dining preferences – such as local cuisine, seafood, or a good wine selection – can only be determined by a personal visit and seating. It is likely that the majority of restaurant visits here end in satisfactory experiences and good times.

In conclusion, the Double Musky Inn is a beloved Southern food restaurant nestled in the small town of Girdwood, Anchorage. With positive reviews all around, and a reputation for its local cuisine and good wine selection, it is a great place for both large groups and a casual solo night out. We have covered the gist of the menu items – from appetizers to entrees to side dishes. When matched with attentive service, this place is near to awesome reach and is a permanent favorite among the residents of Girdwood and visitors to the Anchorage area. Overall, the Double Musky Inn deserves a visit if you are in the area and would like to enjoy a meal prepared with care or the perfect dishes to mark a special occasion. Cheers!

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