Singapore is known for its stunning landscapes, bustling city life, and beautiful flowers. One of the best places to experience the beauty of Singaporean flora is at Floristique, a top-rated flower shop located at 22 New Industrial Rd, #01-11, Singapore 536208. With a stellar rating of 4.8, based on 609 reviews, Floristique is a must-visit destination for flower enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Floristique offers a wide range of beautiful blooms, ranging from classic roses to exotic orchids. Whether you’re looking for a bouquet for a special occasion or a stunning centerpiece for your home, Floristique has you covered. The shop’s talented florists are dedicated to creating unique and eye-catching arrangements that are sure to impress. One of Floristique’s special products is their signature bloom box. These stylish and modern arrangements are perfect for gifting or for adding a touch of elegance to any space. Each bloom box is meticulously curated with a variety of fresh flowers and greenery, making for a stunning visual display. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gift for a loved one or a chic decor piece for your home, Floristique’s bloom boxes are sure to delight.
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In addition to their signature bloom boxes, Floristique also offers a variety of other products and services. From wedding and event floral arrangements to custom bouquets for special occasions, the shop’s skilled florists can create the perfect floral design to suit your needs. Floristique also offers delivery services, making it easy to send a thoughtful gift to a loved one or surprise someone special with a beautiful bouquet. When you visit Floristique, you’ll be greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is sure to brighten your day. The shop’s friendly staff are always on hand to provide expert advice and assistance, ensuring that you find the perfect flowers for any occasion. Whether you’re a seasoned flower enthusiast or a first-time buyer, Floristique’s team of experts will help you navigate their extensive selection and find the perfect blooms for your needs. In conclusion, Floristique is a top-rated flower shop in Singapore that offers a wide range of beautiful blooms and floral arrangements. With a stellar rating and a reputation for excellence, Floristique is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Singaporean flora. Whether you’re in need of a stunning bouquet for a special occasion or simply want to add some natural beauty to your home, Floristique has everything you need. Visit Floristique today and discover the beauty of Singaporean flowers for yourself.
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5 thoughts on “Floristique”

  1. I’ve ordered flowers from Floristique for my wife’s birthday. Unfortunately, she noticed a bit of mold in them. We’ve informed the staff and very promptly, they’ve arranged for replacement flowers and what a delight! The arrangements for both set of flowers were eye-catching and vibrant, and their prompt service will definitely bring us back for future purchases. Two thumbs up for the recovery!

  2. They delivered the bouquet early and when I emailed them about some concerns, they were very quick and contacted me right away and immediately assisted me about my concern. Thank you so much! My friend will like this birthday bouquet so much especially it’s a special request for her from a friend miles away from us! Thank you very very much!

  3. We recently turned to Floristique for our holiday hamper needs, and it was truly a great experience! The communication was smooth, and their team, incredibly attentive and responsive. What really impressed us was their ability to handle unexpected issues with ease. Despite an initial hiccup with an incorrect address, Floristique quickly fixed it and redelivered the hamper without any fuss, showing their dedication to customer satisfaction.

    The delivery was not just on time but exceeded our expectations, ensuring each hamper arrived in perfect condition. The hampers themselves were a delight, beautifully presented with top-notch products inside. Floristique has a real knack for adding that extra touch of elegance to gift-giving.

    We highly recommend Floristique for anyone looking to elevate their gift-giving experience. As for us, we’re definitely coming back for more. Thank you, Floristique, for making our holiday gift-giving so special!!!

  4. I placed my order just right before 10 am and it got delivered at 1 plus pm! Talk about commitment to fast delivery!!! The flowers are so beautiful as well! Def recommend!

  5. We’ve been placing orders for ‘Grand Opening’ flower arrangements with Floristique for the past couple of years. The process from order point to delivery has been easy. More importantly, our clients have been pleased to receive beautiful arrangements on their special day.

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