Glacier Brewhouse

Glacier BrewHouse is a favorite spot for great food and exceptional beer in Anchorage. With a rating of 4.5 from 5,128 reviews, it is #6 of 410 restaurants in the area. The restaurant serves up local cuisine, American dishes, and offers options for vegetarian and vegan patrons as well.

Several customers have shared their experiences, with one saying, “The seafood chowder and salmon dip were just delicious,” while another mentioned, “We had the pizza and the pretzels with beer dip.” The restaurant is recommended for special occasions, large groups, and offers a great bar scene. Visitors have lauded the tasty calamari and delectable beers.

The restaurant is located at 737 W 5th Ave Ste. 110, Anchorage, AK 99501-2129. For more information or to make a reservation, you can visit their website or contact them via email at [email protected] or by calling +1 907-274-2739.

Several reviews have outlined the excellent experiences at Glacier BrewHouse, with one visitor raving about the herb crusted halibut, seasoned mashed potatoes, and green salad, and another praising the king crab legs and grilled halibut. The beer was also highlighted as excellent.

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Another traveler mentioned that the calabash fish was delicious, and her husband said the burger was one of the best he has ever tasted. Additionally, reviewers have spoken highly of the outstanding chowder and recommended making reservations due to the busy nature of the restaurant.

Overall, visitors have commended the outstanding atmosphere and food, with one saying it was the best restaurant they had ever been to. They also mentioned the impeccable service and the availability of amazing drinks such as the raspberry wheat beer.

Glacier BrewHouse in Anchorage is a gem for beer aficionados and food lovers alike, offering an immersive dining experience that is unmatched. Whether you are a local or a visitor to The Last Frontier, this BrewHouse is a testament to the vibrant and delightful culinary scene of Anchorage, deserving of a visit (or many more!). So, raise a glass to the Glacier BrewHouse – where great food, exceptional beer, and the best of Alaskan hospitality converge! Cheers! 🍻🍽️🌌

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