Gwenyn Hill Farm farm shop near Hartland

Gwenyn Hill Farm is a picturesque working farm located at N130W294, Bryn Dr, Waukesha, WI 53188, United States. The farm has received a stellar rating of 5 stars from 27 satisfied customers. With its dedication to sustainable farming practices and providing high-quality produce, Gwenyn Hill Farm has garnered a loyal customer base. The farm is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. On Mondays, the farm is closed to the public. Visitors can explore the farm and enjoy the beautiful surroundings during their operating hours. One of the standout features of Gwenyn Hill Farm is their commitment to fostering an interconnected, ecological web. They believe that conservation and farming go hand-in-hand, emphasizing the health of not just their crops and livestock, but also the soil, woodlands, water, and wildlife. This holistic approach to farming sets Gwenyn Hill Farm apart from conventional farming practices. Customers rave about the high-quality produce and eggs available at Gwenyn Hill Farm. The food is not only delicious but also a testament to how good locally grown, organic produce can be. The farm stand offers a variety of fresh produce, as well as other items like cookies, all of which are grown or sourced from the farm. In addition to their exceptional produce, Gwenyn Hill Farm also hosts events like their annual fall festival. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the farm while partaking in fun activities and celebrating the harvest season. The farm provides a serene and peaceful environment, allowing visitors to truly disconnect and appreciate the beauty of nature.
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One satisfied customer, Brandon Brown of Roost Photography, shared his experience photographing a wedding at Gwenyn Hill Farm. He praised the immaculate grounds and the pristine white barn that served as a stunning backdrop for the event. He expressed his desire to shoot more weddings at the farm, showcasing its versatility and appeal for special occasions. Another customer, Kelsey Scherer, expressed her love for Gwenyn Hill Farm and their produce. She highlighted the exceptional quality of the food, the warm staff, and the overall beauty of the farm. She mentioned enjoying the annual fall festival and declared herself a customer for life, showcasing the farm’s ability to create lasting connections with its visitors. Mary Kubicek commended Gwenyn Hill Farm as a wonderful place for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick-up. She appreciated the organic flowers, vegetables, and berries available at the farm, as well as the charming farm shop. Her positive review indicates the farm’s dedication to providing fresh, organic produce to its community. J Lynn shared her experience as a biweekly CSA member at Gwenyn Hill Farm, praising the plentiful shares, organic produce, and the option to pick veggies and flowers from the field. She also added eggs to her share and recommended the farm to others in the area. Her glowing review underscores the farm’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.
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Gideon Webb commended Gwenyn Hill Farm for its beauty and warm, family-owned atmosphere. Although he visited for work and didn’t have much time to explore, he acknowledged the pride the farm takes in its upkeep. He expressed a desire to return with his family, highlighting the farm’s appeal to visitors of all ages. In conclusion, Gwenyn Hill Farm stands out as a beacon of sustainable farming practices, high-quality produce, and community engagement. With its dedication to conservation, organic farming, and providing a welcoming environment for visitors, the farm has earned its stellar reputation. Visitors can enjoy the fresh produce, tranquil surroundings, and special events that make Gwenyn Hill Farm a must-visit destination for anyone in the area. For more information about Gwenyn Hill Farm and their offerings, visit their website at Experience the beauty and bounty of this farm shop in Hartland and discover the magic of sustainable farming at Gwenyn Hill Farm.

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