Hotel Lovec

Hotel Lovec, located in the heart of Bled, Slovenia, offers magnificent views of the lake and the surrounding Alps. The hotel provides guests with a comfortable and convenient stay, with various amenities such as indoor swimming pool, spa and wellness center, private parking, free WiFi, family rooms, and a bar.

Situated on the margins of the Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps, Hotel Lovec is an ideal starting point for various activities such as cycling, hiking, sport climbing, canoeing, and fishing. With all these facilities and an ideal location, it is no surprise that Hotel Lovec is a popular choice for tourists visiting Bled. Reviews:

O’donovan from the United Kingdom wrote, “The staff were very welcoming and professional. The room was gorgeous and clean, and the bed was very comfortable. Breakfast was a great choice and delicious. Great location.”

Xuereb from Malta said, “Very good breakfast selection. Friendly staff. Great location.”

Ádám from Hungary said, “5-star staff, helpful should any issues come up and they helped us in the most effective manner always. Nice location with a great building.”

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There were numerous other positive reviews that praised the hotel for its cleanliness, location, and friendly staff

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