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India Restaurant, located at 1060 Hope St, Providence, Rhode Island 02906, is a gem for Indian cuisine enthusiasts, offering a delightful blend of traditional and contemporary dishes. With a stellar Google good rating of 4.8 from 5,561 reviews, it has become a go-to destination for those seeking an exquisite dining experience.

Atmosphere and Services: An Elegant Fusion of Tradition and Hospitality

Step into an elegant venue that caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, adorned with Bollywood films and live belly dancing performances. The restaurant offers a diverse range of services, including all-you-can-eat options, happy hour food, and a cozy ambiance complemented by a fireplace.

India Restaurant goes beyond merely serving food; it creates an immersive dining experience by carefully curating an atmosphere that harmonizes with its rich culinary offerings. Here’s a detailed exploration of the restaurant’s ambiance and the services it provides:

Ambiance: Step into India Restaurant, and you’re transported to a realm where Indian traditions seamlessly blend with contemporary elegance. The venue is designed to evoke a sense of warmth and sophistication, creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

  • Decor: Rich colors, intricate patterns, and tasteful decor elements contribute to the restaurant’s aesthetic appeal. Traditional Indian motifs may adorn the walls, while the overall design is complemented by modern touches, striking a balance between authenticity and contemporary allure.
  • Lighting: Thoughtfully placed lighting enhances the ambiance, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s the soft glow of pendant lights or strategically placed lamps, the lighting is tailored to elevate the overall dining experience.
  • Entertainment: The dining experience is elevated by live entertainment, including Bollywood films projected on screens and captivating belly dancing performances. These elements add a dynamic and engaging aspect to the atmosphere, making it more than just a meal but a cultural celebration.

Services: India Restaurant not only prides itself on its culinary offerings but also places a high emphasis on impeccable service. The attentive and friendly staff strive to ensure that every guest feels welcomed and cared for throughout their visit.

  • All You Can Eat: For those seeking a hearty feast, the restaurant offers an “All You Can Eat” option, allowing guests to indulge in a variety of dishes without limitations. This provides an opportunity to explore the extensive menu and savor different flavors.
  • Happy Hour Food: The inclusion of happy hour food options adds a social and relaxed dimension to the dining experience. Guests can enjoy specially curated dishes at a delightful price during this designated time, fostering a convivial atmosphere.
  • Fireplace: A cozy fireplace enhances the overall ambiance, especially during colder seasons. It adds a touch of warmth, making the dining space even more inviting and comfortable.

Customer Experience: The restaurant’s commitment to exceptional service is reflected in the numerous positive reviews. Guests often commend the staff for their friendliness, patience, and engagement. Whether it’s Olga’s informative and kind service or Tita’s attentive care, the staff members contribute significantly to the positive atmosphere.

  • Patron Engagement: The staff, exemplified by individuals like Olga and Tita, engage with patrons in a way that transcends the transactional nature of service. Their passion for providing an outstanding experience is evident, creating a sense of genuine hospitality.
  • Attention to Detail: Details matter, and India Restaurant takes pride in its attention to detail, from the quick seating to the promise of replacing any dish with an issue. These gestures contribute to an overall positive customer experience.
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India Restaurant not only serves delectable dishes but also crafts an environment where the essence of Indian culture and hospitality is palpable. The combination of elegant ambiance, diverse services, and attentive staff ensures that every visit is not just a meal but a journey into the heart of India’s culinary and cultural richness.

Contact Information:


  • Opens: 11 AM
  • Closed: (Please check for specific hours)

India Restaurant boasts an extensive menu, featuring a variety of appetizers, salads, char-grilled specialties, bread, soups, tandoori-style specialties, rice specialties, chef’s special curries, and delectable desserts. Some standout items include Aloo Paratha, Spicy Steamed Mussels, Paneer Kabob, and the Biryani selection.

India Restaurant takes you on an exquisite journey through the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine, offering a diverse menu that tantalizes taste buds with a symphony of flavors. Here are some menu highlights that showcase the culinary prowess of this establishment:

  1. Appetizers:
    • Aloo Paratha: Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes, served with refreshing yogurt raita. A symphony of textures and flavors for $11.99.
    • Baked Vegetable Samosa: Turnovers stuffed with red bliss potatoes, peas, herbs, and spices, baked to perfection and topped with tangy tamarind chutney for $6.99.
    • Shrimp Cocktail Kabobs: Jumbo shrimp lightly spiced in a minted cilantro marinade and char-grilled to perfection, a delightful start at $12.99.
  2. Char-Grilled Specialties:
    • Paneer Kabob: Grilled Indian farmers’ cheese marinated to perfection, a vegetarian delight at $6.99.
    • Grilled Atlantic Salmon: An 8oz filet of salmon marinated and grilled, showcasing the perfect blend of spices for $11.99.
    • Mixed Kabob Platter: A feast for the carnivores, featuring one skewer each of Chicken, Shrimp, and Sirloin for $28.99.
  3. Breads:
    • Fresh Baked Naan: A vegan multi-layered round of soft, white, flatbread, a staple that perfectly complements any curry for $4.99.
    • Naan with Topping: Elevate your naan experience with options like Fresh Minced Garlic, Tulsi (Basil Pesto), or Spicy Chili Cilantro for $5.99.
    • Coconut Naan: Topped with dates, coconut flakes, almonds, and honey, flavored with cardamom for a sweet and savory experience at $6.99.
  4. Tandoori-Style Specialties:
    • Lamb Chop Kabobs: Tender imported spring lamb chops marinated with a perfect blend of coriander, cumin, nutmeg, and lemon for $28.99.
    • Chicken Sheesh Kabobs: Marinated boneless tenderloins, lightly spiced and grilled, served on skewers with veggies for $20.99.
    • Swordfish Sheesh Kabobs: Swordfish steaks marinated in ginger, lemon juice, cumin, coriander, and garlic, a seafood lover’s delight at $24.99.
  5. Rice Specialties:
    • Biryani: Fragrant Basmati rice delicacy prepared with your choice of veggies, paneer, chicken, lamb, shrimp, or goat on the bone, starting at $17.99.
    • Kale Khicheri – India’s Super Food: A nutritious blend of kale, wild rice, quinoa, lentils, and more for $17.99.
  6. Chef’s Special Curries:
    • Karahi Gosht: Traditional goat curry slowly cooked on the bone, served with Basmati rice for $22.99.
    • Peppered Tamarind Duck:* Grilled duck tenderloins simmered in a tangy, sweet, and spicy curry with figs and hazelnuts, served with Kale Salad for $23.99.
    • Salmon Tikka Masala: A popular tomato-based curry with cream, ground cardamom, and fenugreek, featuring succulent salmon for $23.99.
  7. Desserts:
    • Warm Carrot Halva: A traditional Indian dessert with carrots stewed in natural sugars, milk, desi ghee, and dried fruits & nuts for $7.99.
    • Gulab Jamun: A rich doughnut-like pastry soaked in rosewater and cardamom, served warm for $6.99.
    • Dark Chocolate Cake with Molten Chocolate Center: Topped with pistachio ice cream and crushed pistachios, a decadent way to end your meal at $9.99.
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India Restaurant’s menu not only celebrates the diversity of Indian cuisine but also reflects a commitment to delivering an unforgettable dining experience for every guest. Explore these highlights and savor the authentic flavors crafted with passion and expertise.

India Restaurant Customer Reviews:

Read what patrons have to say about India Restaurant:

  1. Akash Gupta: Highly positive reviews praising the high-quality ingredients and good taste. Acknowledges the restaurant’s authenticity with a slight room for improvement.
  2. Jonathan Costa: Commends the delicious Indian food, labeling it the best in the state. Highlights excellent service and timely food delivery.
  3. Priyavarthanan Baskaran: Appreciates the good ambience but mentions that the portions were less for the price.
  4. Aishwarya Shah: As an Indian, expresses amazement at the authentic flavors and service, declaring herself a lifetime customer.
  5. Onika Burrowes: Commends Olga’s amazing service, emphasizing her patience and kindness. Encourages others to visit.
  6. Ehsan Tym: Impressed with the high quality of food, noting less intense flavors compared to other Indian restaurants.
  7. Jennifer Bailey: Describes the experience as SO GOOD, from quick seating to a placard promising food replacement in case of issues.
  8. Yardz G: Expresses gratitude for the professional service during their wedding reception, praising the world-class staff.
  9. Anita Maguire: Praises the delicious food and excellent service during a late lunch at India.
  10. Rajvi Kadakia: Labels the experience as amazing and praises server TITA for her friendliness.

Google Review Summary:

  • Rating: 4.8
  • Number of Reviews: 5,561
  • Top Keywords: henna, margaritas, basket, lamb chops


India Restaurant promises a delightful dining experience, blending authentic Indian flavors with a touch of elegance. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the diverse menu and positive reviews make it a must-try destination for Indian cuisine enthusiasts. Plan your visit today and embark on a culinary journey through the heart of India.

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