Jens’ Restaurant

Location: 701 W 36th Ave Olympic Center, Anchorage, AK 99503-5850Midtown
Website: [insert website link]
Email: [insert email]
Phone: +1 907-561-5367

Jen’s is rated 4.5 with 282 reviews, making it the #2 restaurant in Anchorage. The establishment offers American, Seafood, International, and Contemporary cuisines, with options catering to special diets such as Vegetarian and Gluten Free. The price range varies from SGD 23-81.

– Wendy G raves about the food and service, recommending the ravioli appetizer and pepper steak with potato gratin.
– Jeff P praises the king salmon and rockfish, as well as the surprising dessert options.
– Shanker appreciated the food and wine selection, despite the slightly slow service.
– Stacey R labels Jens’ as an amazing restaurant with delicious food, highlighting the best calamari ever tasted.
– Bishss was impressed with the great service, delicious food, and decent wine list, labeling it as a hidden gem in Anchorage.
– Kristoffer N lauds the professional and friendly service, cozy atmosphere and high-quality food at Jens’.
– JQNI speaks highly of the authentic Danish dishes, especially the oysters.
– Advisorj3 confirms that Jens’ lives up to its high-end feel, noting that the restaurant is worth the price.
– KenL hails the great halibut and highly recommends the place.
– Lisa L calls Jens’ a delightful surprise and hidden gem with delicious chef-prepared food.

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Specialty Dishes and Drinks:
– Ravioli appetizer
– Pepper steak with potato gratin
– King salmon
– Crusted rockfish
– Key lime pie
– Danish Redgrad med Flode (berry pudding)
– Halibut
– Pate
– Danish meatballs
– Oysters
– Chicken pasta
– Chicken thighs
– Greek salad

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