Lumo Bar & Restaurant

Lumo Bar & Restaurant, located in Singapore, is a contemporary dining establishment that offers a unique and stylish experience for its patrons. With a range of moderately priced meals and a variety of late-night drinks, Lumo Bar & Restaurant offers a modern and urban dining experience that is perfect for both intimate dining as well as a night out with friends. This review gives an in-depth look at the location, contact information, and reviews of Lumo Bar & Restaurant.

If you are looking to visit Lumo Bar & Restaurant, you can find the establishment at 50 South Bridge Road, #01-00 Cmo Building CMO Building, Singapore 058682. You can also contact them via phone at +65 8921 3818. For more details, you can also visit their website.

With 3.5 out of 5 stars and 15 reviews, Lumo Bar & Restaurant is ranked #102 of 153 contemporary dining establishments in Singapore. Additionally, it is ranked #4,004 out of 10,008 restaurants in the area. While it has received positive reviews, there are not enough ratings on food, service, value, and atmosphere to provide a comprehensive assessment. However, below are some detailed reviews that provide deeper insights into the experiences guests have had at Lumo Bar & Restaurant.

Detailed Review #1: kimwillrule59
Kimwillrule59’s review shares a detailed account of a challenging dining experience at Lumo Bar & Restaurant, expressing disappointment with service, food consistency, and poor service recovery. The reviewer expresses their concern over the quality of the meals, service, and the overall dining atmosphere.

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Detailed Review #2: KahWengC
KahWengC provides a contrasting perspective, praising the food and service experience at Lumo Bar & Restaurant. They appreciate the attention to detail, plating, and the overall dining experience. Their positive review highlights the meticulous care in the presentation and flavor of the dishes offered.

Detailed Review #3: Kevin K
Kevin K shares their positive experience, emphasizing the great food and cocktails available at Lumo Bar & Restaurant. They highlight the top-notch food, warm service, and convenient location. Their personal favorites include the Grilled pork rack, Seared scallops, Grilled prawns, Dutch leek with oyster leaf, and Lumo cocktail.

Detailed Review #4: Jeri4202
Jeri4202 gives an excellent rating and compliments the food, service, and friendly staff. They express their satisfaction with the pasta in lobster bisque and burnt cheesecake, while also praising the smoked cod fish liver and chocolate fondant with avocado cream.

Detailed Review #5: Markongpk
Markongpk rates Lumo Bar & Restaurant highly, praising the great food, drinks, and exceptional service. They express their satisfaction with the overall experience and note that it is a great place for a birthday celebration.

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Detailed Review #6: Owen S
Owen S describes Lumo Bar & Restaurant as a “hidden gem” and expresses their pleasure with the cocktails and food, particularly the bone marrow and beef carpaccio.

Detailed Review #7: Ron222277
Ron222277 describes Lumo Bar & Restaurant as a great place to hang out, expressing admiration for the excellent food, great service, and fantastic cocktails.

Detailed Review #8: Evon888
Evon888 provides a mixed review, citing the friendly service staff and decent drinks, while also expressing disappointment with the beef dish they ordered.

Lumo Bar & Restaurant offers a unique dining experience in Singapore with a varied cocktail menu, excellent contemporary cuisine, and a stylish ambiance. While some reviews express dissatisfaction with the dining experience, others praise the food, drinks, and service. It is essential for potential patrons to consider these varying perspectives and visit Lumo Bar & Restaurant to form their own opinion. Whether enjoying a night out with friends, celebrating a special occasion, or a fine-dining experience, Lumo Bar & Restaurant holds potential for an enjoyable dining experience.

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