Mrs Potts Hostel

Nestled in the heart of Cardiff, Mrs Potts Hostel is a budget-friendly accommodation option for travelers looking to explore the vibrant city without breaking the bank. With its convenient location on St Mary Street, this cozy hostel offers a unique and welcoming atmosphere for guests from all walks of life. With a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars and 271 reviews, Mrs Potts Hostel has gained a reputation for its comfortable accommodations, friendly staff, and excellent value for money. Upon arriving at Mrs Potts Hostel, guests are greeted by the welcoming and friendly staff who are dedicated to ensuring a pleasant stay for every visitor. The hostel offers a range of room options to suit different budgets and preferences, from dormitory-style rooms for budget travelers to private rooms for those seeking a bit more privacy. The rooms are clean and cozy, with comfortable beds and plenty of natural light streaming in through the windows. One of the standout features of Mrs Potts Hostel is its communal spaces, which offer guests the opportunity to socialize and meet fellow travelers from around the world. The hostel has a cozy lounge area where guests can relax, watch TV, or play games, as well as a fully equipped kitchen where guests can prepare their meals. There is also a dining area where guests can enjoy their meals together and swap travel stories.
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For those looking to explore Cardiff, Mrs Potts Hostel is conveniently located within walking distance of many of the city’s top attractions. The hostel is just a short stroll away from Cardiff Castle, the Principality Stadium, and the vibrant shopping and dining district of Cardiff City Centre. Guests can also easily access public transportation from the hostel, making it easy to explore further afield. One of the highlights of Mrs Potts Hostel is its special room, the Secret Garden Room. This unique space is tucked away at the back of the hostel and offers guests a peaceful and secluded retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Secret Garden Room features a comfortable double bed, cozy seating area, and a private outdoor terrace where guests can relax and unwind. The room is decorated in a charming and whimsical style, with colorful murals adorning the walls and twinkling fairy lights strung up around the terrace.
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In conclusion, Mrs Potts Hostel is a hidden gem in the heart of Cardiff, offering budget-conscious travelers a comfortable and welcoming place to rest their heads while exploring the city. With its friendly staff, clean accommodations, and convenient location, this hostel is the perfect home base for those looking to experience all that Cardiff has to offer. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or as a family, Mrs Potts Hostel has something for everyone. So why not book your stay today and discover the magic of Cardiff with Mrs Potts Hostel as your home away from home?

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5 thoughts on “Mrs Potts Hostel”

  1. Avoid this place at all costs.
    We arrived at this hostel at 12pm and was advised our room would be “ready” at 2PM. To say our room was an absolute disgrace would be an understatement. The bed sheets had been folded over to give the illusion that it had been changed. However they clearly had not been changed as there was pubic hairs all over the duvet and bed sheets. The room was filthy with rubbish left behind by the previous tenants and had chewing gum stuck to one of the beds.

    This company also operates a strictly no refund policy. When refused a refund, the man in reception was so kind to offer us free use of a towel for the mouldy showers as compensation!!

    The smell throughout this place is also horrific. The rooms are also quite damp which makes one wonder if they are being ventilated correctly.

    Given the price, the facilities are not an issue however a basic level of hygiene should be expected in any kind of hostel.
    Sadly this is not a priority for this company.

  2. I checked into the hostel on a Friday evening with no issues.

    The room was quite dirty and a bit smelly, but I was not expecting much at this price. It was a bit concerning given the current issues with bedbugs in the UK. As a precaution I hot washed and froze my belongings when I got home.

    I returned to the hostel alone in the middle of the night and was locked out. No one would answer the door or any of the phone numbers provided. All of my belongings were in my room including my allergy medication. This left me in an unpleasant and potentially dangerous situation.

    The manager of the hostel has not yet responded to any of booking.coms emails who are refusing to refund me for this stay or the alternative accommodation I was forced to book, until the manager has confirmed the issues.

    Overall I would not stay here or recommend it to anyone.

  3. We booked for 2 nights but ended up leaving after 1 night
    The door to the room didn’t lock so anyone could come into the room. I watched a male walk into the female dorms because the doors were all open
    We came back at night and the room next to us was wide open and smelt of cleaning products and chemicals and all the mattresses were in one of the shower rooms and after reading recent reviews found that this is due to bed bugs
    One of the other guests in our room had no sense of respect for other people, she came in at 2am and turned her hair dryer on and was talking on the phone. She also had bags all over the room and had left bowls and bags of food around the room and treated the room as if she lived there.
    My friend put her things in the locker under the beds and when she pulled her coat out in the morning there was a sticky cardboard mouse trap stuck to her coat which is now ruined.

  4. Perfect location, very little staff interaction as not really required. Rooms are clean and tidy. The shower was a little disappointing on the top floor, pressure and temperature. For the money, a good experience. Would use again if needed.

  5. I’m not really sure why there are quite a few 1 star reviews.

    People complain about mold or dirtiness, but this accommodation was very clean to me. I was staying in Room 8. Both the room and the bathroom were quite clean, not perfect, but definitely not dirty and as a germophobe I felt comfortable.

    People complain about weird guests or management, but everyone missed their own business. This was the best hostel I’ve stayed in in terms of management, as I didn’t have to speak to anyone. You check in with their code and you check out without talking to anyone again – you just leave. Because of this you are allowed to check in throughout the night as they just give you a code to use, so I was able to move in it at 2am.

    Finally, this place was fantastic for other reasons: full curtains (but for one of the beds in Room 8 it isn’t full), charger ports, clean and working shower, and a wonderfully consistent “vintage” aesthetic which I really liked. Also, the price was the best one in Cardiff we could find.

    Please remember to bring a padlock though because their lockers don’t have any. I think you can pay for storage, but that isn’t worth it ideally.

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