Outpost Market

The Outpost Market is a hidden gem located at Fairways Towers in BGC. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and 31 reviews, it is undoubtedly a favorite spot among locals and tourists alike. The café is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekdays and until 9:00 PM on weekends, making it a perfect place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Upon stepping into Outpost Market, you are greeted with a cozy and minimalist interior that is adorned with greenery. The industrial grey walls with woven wood accents create a comfortable atmosphere, making it the ideal spot to relax and enjoy your favorite coffee. The menu at Outpost Market is filled with delicious options that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From their signature Spanish Latte to the unique cocktail-infused coffees like Sangria Iced Coffee or Mojito Iced Coffee, there is something for everyone. For those looking for a healthier option, the Bocchi Rice is a must-try dish. It is low-fat and perfect for those who want to try something new. One of the highlights of Outpost Market is their poke bowls. The tuna and salmon poke are served fresh with sauces and spices that complement each other perfectly. The generous servings and rich flavors make it a favorite among customers. Whether you are a coffee lover or a poke bowl enthusiast, Outpost Market has something special for you. In addition to their delicious food and drinks, Outpost Market also stands out for their eco-friendly practices. They use rice straws instead of plastic or paper straws, showing their commitment to sustainability. It’s little details like this that make a visit to Outpost Market even more enjoyable.
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The café also offers a beautiful al fresco setup where patrons can enjoy their drinks while taking in the greenery of BGC. Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to relax or a vibrant atmosphere to socialize, Outpost Market has it all. Outpost Market is not just a café; it is a place where customers can unwind, recharge, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. With its high-quality coffee, delicious food, and welcoming ambiance, it has earned its reputation as the Best Coffee Shop in BGC. Reviews of Outpost Market: 1. Kris Litimco: “The coffee we ordered tastes really good (latte and Spanish). Also, the tuna and salmon poke were served fresh. The sauces and spices complement each other. Very rich in flavors and the servings are very generous. My only concern was that there’s no wine per glass serving during our visit. I actually wanted to try their wine, but I don’t want to order the whole bottle. I hope they can do something about it. 1000/10 highly recommended.” (5 stars) 2. Kris: “A cozy spot with minimalist interior, adorned with greenery. The industrial grey with woven wood accents creates a comfortable atmosphere. I prefer sitting outside for a different atmosphere. Recommended: Spanish Latte, with options for Soy Milk or Oat Milk. For something special, try cocktail-infused coffees like sangria iced coffee or mojito iced coffee. Food-wise, they offer a unique dish – Bocchi Rice, great for those wanting a low-fat option while exploring new spots! ❤️” (5 stars) 3. Ria Jazmines: “Went here to chill while waiting for a friend and only got Iced chocolate as someone who already had her coffee fix at the time. Menu looks pretty good and I would go back for sure to try other things. What I really liked tho was the straws they used were the rice straw ones and not paper straws or plastic straws!! So cool haha” (5 stars) 4. Rodcel Justin Pante: “High quality coffee and poke bowls. Opens at 8am, a bit late for a morning person like me. It would’ve been cool if they opened earlier since it’s literally along the BGC greenway park where you can jog and do morning walks. They have wifi, sockets for charging your devices, and a good view from the inside.” (5 stars) 5. Eizen Barleta: “A cute cafe I discovered by chance while roaming around BGC on a scooter! Outpost serves poke bowls, coffee, and tea, among others. It’s a nice hangout place, especially if you want peace and quiet. They have a parking space. They also have an al fresco setup where the alcohol drinkers are usually in. I’ll visit again to try their meals.” (5 stars)
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In conclusion, Outpost Market is a must-visit for anyone looking for a cozy café with excellent coffee, delicious food, and a welcoming ambiance. Whether you want to start your day with a cup of coffee or unwind in the evening with a poke bowl, Outpost Market has something special for everyone. Experience the Best Coffee Shop in BGC at Outpost Market today!

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