Pilastro Cafe is located at Jl. Bukit Barisan No. 3-H1, Medan Indonesia. You can contact them at +62 61 4524199. Here are some reviews from other visitors:

– Hadi79192 reviewed on March 22, 2019, saying that the cafe has potential but the service was a bit lacking.

– Stefenw_86 recommended the chocolate and coffee, and mentioned that it’s a great place to hang out with friends or get some work done.

– Solii_solihin110 described the cafe as cozy and vintage, perfect for relaxing with friends or enjoying a coffee alone.

– Tjutjukbs3.085 commented on the fresh and delicious coffee, as well as the variety of food items available.

– Abestari12 recommended trying the best coffee and gelato at the cafe, and also mentioned that it’s a convenient place to hang out while waiting for a flight.

Some special drinks and food items to try at Pilastro Cafe include the avocado coffee, chocolate drinks, and their signature gelato. They also offer a variety of pasta dishes, nasi goreng, and beef black pepper. The cafe is known for its cozy atmosphere, vintage decor, and great coffee. So, if you find yourself in Medan, make sure to stop by Pilastro Cafe for a unique and enjoyable dining experience.

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