Premier Inn Caerphilly Crossways hotel

Nestled in the bustling city of Cardiff, the Premier Inn Caerphilly Crossways hotel offers a convenient and affordable accommodation option for travelers looking to explore the beauty of Wales. Situated in the Crossways Business Park, this hotel provides easy access to nearby attractions, restaurants, and shopping centers, making it an ideal choice for those looking to experience the best of what the city has to offer. With a rating of 4.2 out of 5, based on 496 reviews, the Premier Inn Caerphilly Crossways hotel has garnered a solid reputation for its comfortable rooms, excellent service, and great value for money. The hotel’s well-maintained facilities and friendly staff ensure that guests have a pleasant and memorable stay during their time in Cardiff. One of the standout features of the Premier Inn Caerphilly Crossways hotel is its special room, known as the “Dragon’s Den.” This unique room is inspired by Welsh mythology and folklore, featuring dragon-themed decor, artwork, and furnishings. Guests staying in the Dragon’s Den room can immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of Wales, while enjoying a comfortable and relaxing stay in this themed accommodation.
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The Dragon’s Den room at the Premier Inn Caerphilly Crossways hotel is designed to create a sense of wonder and whimsy, with intricate details and touches that pay homage to the mythical creature that has long been associated with Welsh legends. From dragon-shaped lamps to tapestries depicting epic battles between dragons and brave warriors, every aspect of the room is carefully curated to transport guests to a world of fantasy and imagination. In addition to its unique room offerings, the Premier Inn Caerphilly Crossways hotel also boasts a range of amenities and services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests. From spacious and well-appointed rooms to on-site dining options and convenient access to transportation, this hotel has everything travelers need to make the most of their time in Cardiff. Overall, the Premier Inn Caerphilly Crossways hotel is a top choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for a quality accommodation option in Cardiff. With its affordable rates, excellent amenities, and convenient location, this hotel provides a comfortable and memorable experience for guests visiting the vibrant city of Cardiff.
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In conclusion, the Premier Inn Caerphilly Crossways hotel offers a unique and affordable accommodation option in Cardiff, with its Dragon’s Den room providing guests with a whimsical and immersive experience inspired by Welsh mythology. Whether you’re exploring the city’s landmarks, enjoying the local cuisine, or simply relaxing in your themed room, this hotel is sure to enhance your stay in Cardiff and leave you with lasting memories of your time in Wales.

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  1. Just straigt from the door two polite receptionists, very quick “check in” even late in the night, lots of advice regarding local castles and interesting places. The room itself was very nice and clean, with pink ambient light :). Which was booked very late for a great price. For some, the room like we had is probably standard, but for us, it was a good and calm night in one of the premmier inn hotels. Thank you and best wishes.

  2. Premier Inn is pretty much the same layout wherever you go but the lady on Reception was the most helpful, kindest ever. She was amazing and our room was spotlessly clean including the ensuite (the shower was gorgeous – clean, hot water and a decent spray head). I would stay here again.

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