STARBUCKS, Indonesia:
One of the most well-known and widely loved coffee chains across the globe, Starbucks has a presence in Indonesia as well. Providing its customers with a variety of delicious coffee flavors, food, and cozy environment to enjoy, Starbucks aims to give its patrons a delightful experience every time they visit.

Location and Contact: The Starbucks outlet in Indonesia is located at Jl. KH. Zainul Arifin, Sun Plaza, Medan 20152, Indonesia. For any inquiries or bookings, you may contact them at +62 61 4501005.

Special Drinks and Food: Starbucks is known for its signature drinks such as Brew Coffee, Cold Brew, Coffee Latte, Hot Chocolate, and a variety of other delectable beverages. Additionally, the food menu offers a range of appetizing items such as sandwiches, pastries, cakes, and some savory snack options. One significant aspect to note is that customers can bring their own tumblers to enjoy a special discount on their purchases.

Customer Reviews:
While the global presence and recognition of Starbucks are undeniable, the local customer reviews for the Starbucks outlet in Indonesia give an interesting perspective on the experience at this particular location. Positive aspects that stand out in the reviews include the comfort and coziness of the ambiance, the high quality and deliciousness of the beverages, the convenience of the location, and the availability of a suitable environment for work or leisurely browsing. On the other hand, some reviews highlight the issue of cleanliness and the presence of mosquitoes in the seating area, challenges with the ambiance, and the relatively expensive pricing of the products.

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Overall, the Starbucks outlet in Indonesia offers a familiar yet distinct experience to its customers, where they can relish their favorite coffee and food items in a comfortable and relaxing space. It also serves as a convenient spot for meeting friends or completing work tasks while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee.

In conclusion, Starbucks in Indonesia is a prominent and well-established coffee shop that resonates with the global standards of the brand and caters to the local preferences and tastes as well. Whether it’s the classic Brew Coffee or the rich Hot Chocolate, customers can expect to find their preferred beverages at this outlet. Additionally, the cozy and comfortable ambiance makes it a suitable destination for casual meetups or work sessions. Hence, Starbucks continues to be a go-to place for coffee enthusiasts and individuals seeking a welcoming environment to unwind and indulge in satisfying food and drink options.

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