Sushi Airways

Sushi Airways is a Japanese seafood restaurant located at 20A Baghdad Street, Singapore. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by 132 reviewers, placing it at #62 of 573 seafood restaurants in Singapore and #618 out of 10,018 restaurants overall. Consumers have rated the restaurant highly in food, service, value, and atmosphere.

The restaurant offers Japanese, seafood, sushi, and kaiseki cuisines, with options for those with gluten-free diets. The price range varies from SGD 34 to SGD 268. The restaurant is known for its unique airplane-themed decor and dining experience.

With a cozy atmosphere and subtle aircraft-themed decor, Sushi Airways has garnered positive reviews from customers who praise the gastronomic delight and gourmet heaven that the food provides. A customer praised the owner for being accommodating and helpful, especially with tricky dietary requirements. Another review mentioned that the sushi is “almost too pretty to eat” and is delighted to have been treated to a small dessert and Asahi beer. The reviews indicate that the food is of excellent quality, well-prepared, and well-presented. The attentiveness of the staff and the cozy environment were also noted as positives.

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Special drinks and food at Sushi Airways include sushi, grilled lobster, salmon, matcha cake, maki rolls, omakase, and ice cream. The A5 grade steak and Dassai Junmai Daiginjyo Sake are also recommended items on the menu.

The general consensus from the reviews is that Sushi Airways provides top-notch service, excellent food quality, and an unforgettable dining experience with a unique twist.

Contact information for Sushi Airways:
20A Baghdad Street, Singapore 199659 Singapore
Central Area/City Area
0.7 miles from Little India
Phone: +65 6291 1151

In conclusion, Sushi Airways seems to be a unique and delightful dining destination that offers a memorable gastronomic experience with high-quality Japanese cuisine and top-notch service. Given the positive feedback and the variety of items on the menu, it appears to be a worthwhile visit for those seeking a special dining experience in Singapore.

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