Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm farm shop near Hartland

Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm
N2559 Adams Rd, Neosho, WI 53059, United States
Rating: 4.6
Rated count: 27
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
Lauren Marie Rose Nelson
What a great place! I spent two months work-exchanging at the farm and had the pleasure of getting to know the Telderer’s, their animals, and the land. Truly starting small, their business has expanded to provide meat and farm products to their local community, as well as educational opportunities and a platform to sell products. Their specialty items are Icelandic sheep fleeces, sheepskins, roving and yarn, and wool socks. All exception quality and from their very own flock! Products are available on their website and on their Etsy page! Thank you for everything and see you next time!!!
Tiffany G
First time coming here. Didn’t know where to park at first. Local artists and items to choose from (socks, cutting boards, sheep skin rugs, dryer balls, jewelry and food). Great gift ideas too.
Clayton Schmidt
Charming small farm! Icelandic sheep and all sorts of beautiful chicken roaming the property. The shop is so cool and features some fresh produce available for sale and an array of well crafted handmade goods by local artisans, from jewelry to sheep skins go beard oil. They have a little bit of everything. Absolutely worth a visit.
Heidi and Wilbur the Wonderdog
Jeanne and her family take such good care of their animals! I buy as much as I can afford from them every year, my favorite farm to visit! The little store they have is filled with handcrafted items and unique pieces, perfect for a gift for someone crafty!
Hannah C
Such a fun spot to visit! Loved meeting the family for they are amazing, and really love what they do! When I stopped in May during the Spring Milti Farm Tour, there were many festivities including tours and sheep shearing demonstrations… great for kids
If you’re looking for a charming farm experience with quality products and a personal touch, look no further than Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm. Located in Neosho, Wisconsin, this family-owned farm has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike with their dedication to sustainable farming practices, unique offerings, and friendly atmosphere. Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm, located at N2559 Adams Rd in Neosho, is a hidden gem in the heart of Wisconsin. With a solid rating of 4.6 out of 5 and 27 rated counts, it’s clear that this farm is loved by many. While the farm is closed Monday through Friday, on Saturdays, you can visit between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM to experience all that Telderer’s has to offer.
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One of the standout features of Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm is their specialty items. From Icelandic sheep fleeces to sheepskins, roving and yarn, and wool socks, all products are of exceptional quality and come from the farm’s very own flock. These unique offerings have gained popularity not only among local residents but also among tourists looking for authentic farm goods. You can find these items for purchase on the farm’s website or their Etsy page, making it easy to bring a piece of Telderer’s home with you. But Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm is more than just a place to shop. Visitors rave about the warm hospitality of the Telderer family and the care they provide to their animals. Many have had the opportunity to work and interact closely with the farm’s owners, getting to know the land, the animals, and the heart behind the business. Whether you’re a regular customer or a first-time visitor, you’re sure to be welcomed with open arms at this farm. The farm shop at Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm is a treasure trove of handmade goods and locally sourced products. From fresh produce to unique artisanal items, such as jewelry, cutting boards, sheepskin rugs, dryer balls, and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy. It’s the perfect place to find a special gift for a loved one or a unique souvenir to remember your visit by. With a variety of locally made products, you can support the community while indulging in high-quality goods. Reviews of Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm echo the sentiments of its visitors. One reviewer, Lauren Marie Rose Nelson, shared her experience of work-exchanging at the farm and getting to know the Telderer family, the animals, and the land. She praised the farm for its growth over the years, providing meat and farm products to the local community and creating educational opportunities. She especially appreciated the specialty items from the farm’s own flock, highlighting the exceptional quality of the Icelandic sheep fleece, roving, and yarn.
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Another visitor, Tiffany G, expressed her delight in discovering the farm for the first time. She found the variety of local artists and products available at the shop to be impressive, with options ranging from socks to jewelry to food. The farm’s shop provided a unique shopping experience that left her with great gift ideas and a desire to return. Clayton Schmidt found Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm to be a charming destination with beautiful Icelandic sheep and chickens roaming the property. He was impressed by the shop’s selection of fresh produce and handmade goods by local artisans, such as jewelry and sheepskins. The farm’s diversity of offerings captured his attention, making it a place worth visiting. Heidi and Wilbur the Wonderdog shared their ongoing support for Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm, praising the care given to the animals and the array of handcrafted items available in the shop. They consider the farm to be their favorite place to visit, appreciating the unique pieces and gifts that can be found in the store. For them, Telderer’s is not just a farm but a special place to shop and connect with the community. Hannah C had a fun and memorable visit to Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm, enjoying the hospitality of the family and the engaging activities available during the Spring Multi-Farm Tour. With tours and sheep shearing demonstrations to entertain visitors, the farm provided a lively and educational experience for all ages. Hannah’s positive review reflects the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of the farm, making it a must-visit destination. In conclusion, Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm is a haven for those seeking a genuine farm experience with exceptional products and a personal touch. From their specialty items to the warm hospitality of the Telderer family, every aspect of this farm reflects a deep love for the land, the animals, and the community. With glowing reviews and a dedicated following, Telderer’s has established itself as a beloved destination in Neosho, Wisconsin. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this farm shop in Hartland and discover the magic of Telderer’s Rainbows End Farm for yourself. Website:

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