The Best Coffee Shop in Doha, Qatar

Join us on an exciting journey through the rich tapestry of Doha’s coffee culture, where each café unfolds a unique story of flavors, ambiance, and community. The Best Coffee Shop in Doha, Qatar. From the trendy and vibrant % Arabica Msheireb Downtown to the sophisticated W Café, the healthful haven of Vamos Cafe, the global experience at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and the cozy retreat of Kava Koffee in Katara Cultural Village, we invite you to discover the diverse and enchanting world of Doha’s coffee scene. Immerse yourself in the reviews, special menus, and distinctive atmospheres that make each café a culinary destination, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of locals and visitors alike.

Sip, Indulge, and Explore: Doha’s Coffee Culture Awaits Your Palate

Uncover the nuances of each café, where expertly brewed coffees, tantalizing menus, and inviting atmospheres converge to create an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or a casual enthusiast, these establishments promise a symphony of tastes and aromas. From the bustling streets of Msheireb Downtown to the upscale W Doha, the health-conscious haven of Hazm Al Markhiya, the global charm of Al Mana Tower A, and the cultural retreat in Katara Village, each café offers a distinct vibe that mirrors the diversity of Doha itself. Let the reviews guide you, the menus tempt you, and the unique atmospheres beckon you to indulge in the flourishing coffee culture of this vibrant city.

% Arabica Msheireb Downtown Doha – A Coffee Haven in the Heart of Doha, Qatar

Located at P08 GF, 4052 Wadi Msheireb St, Doha, Qatar, % Arabica Msheireb Downtown Doha has become a prominent spot for coffee enthusiasts in the heart of the city. With an inviting ambiance and a diverse menu, this cafe has garnered both praise and constructive feedback from its patrons.

Operating Hours:
Open until 2 AM, % Arabica Msheireb Downtown Doha caters to early birds and night owls alike, providing a cozy atmosphere for those looking to unwind or work in a tranquil setting.

Explore their offerings on, where you can discover a variety of coffees, teas, pastries, and snacks made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Customer Reviews:

Danielle Cacay – Local Guide (56 reviews, 165 photos)
“Dine in | Other | QAR 1–50. Tried their iced matcha; it was okay, but it lacked a bit more of the ‘matchaness’ flavor. Still, it’s a pretty nice place to hang out.”

Desmond Wong – Local Guide (293 reviews, 2,474 photos)
“Dine in | Brunch | QAR 1–50. Unexpectedly great service when cappuccino wasn’t available. Located near souq wafiq, the coffee helped us understand Qatar better.”

Racini Ardevaas – Local Guide (56 reviews, 135 photos)
“Dine in | Lunch | QAR 100–150. Warm and inviting vibe. Friendly baristas. Their Spanish Latte is a must-try.”

Omar Namangani – Local Guide (269 reviews, 1,085 photos)
“Dine in | Other | QAR 1–50. % Arabica in Souq Waqif is popular for a reason. Friendly service, wide variety of coffees, teas, and pastries.”

Mohammad Qubbaj
“Rich coffee, and delicious loafs! Highly recommended, especially the iced Spanish Latte and Walnut Pumpkin Loaf.”

Aleksandar Jaksic – Local Guide (17 reviews, 3 photos)
“I love this place so much, but there’s a significant downfall in hygiene outside. Contact the owner via email at with your details.”

Marinna Mohd Noor – Local Guide (12 reviews, 3 photos)
“Dine in | Other | QAR 1–50. Marvelous banoffee tart! Impressive cafe interior, though AC was not working well.”

Chay Gonzales – Local Guide (28 reviews, 101 photos)
“Their coffee is very good. Ice cream coffee is much better. Super relaxing place.”

Alina Ștrango
“I like their hot latte during winter and iced latte during summer. Appreciate the small amount of ice in beverages. Baristas extend a warm and friendly welcome.”

Hadi Aridi – Local Guide (100 reviews, 177 photos)
“Beautiful cafe and great coffee. Suitable for working or casual meetings. Love the indoor and outdoor seating areas.”

Mila Sekulovska
“Good coffee, delicious snacks, and a nice interior. Vegetarian options include the Almond croissant.”

Samsung Galaxy (8 reviews, 1 photo)
“The coffee is great, but 22 QAR for a cappuccino is too expensive. Contact the owner via email at with more details.”

linda mabaso – Local Guide (20 reviews, 4 photos)
“Take out | Brunch | QAR 100–150. Enjoyed their dessert; amazing coffee and good service. Wheelchair-friendly.”

Glenn Parayno (3 reviews, 3 photos)
“It’s been awhile since I went here. Ordered Dark iced latte to beat up the heat. I still find their coffee too sweet.”

fouad almoukayed – Local Guide (59 reviews, 776 photos)
“I spent Thursday evening with my partner outdoor at % Arabica Cafe. Nice atmosphere with good quality coffee and chocolate tart.”

Kate – Local Guide (138 reviews, 434 photos)
“Waited for this place to open for a while. First experience with Arabica % was in Berlin. Decided to check this one out. Like it better to stay outside due to AC issues.”

Introvert Foodie – Local Guide (362 reviews, 2,605 photos)
“It is better to stay outside the cafe than inside because the AC is not working that much.”

Bea Asia – Local Guide (94 reviews, 128 photos)
“Cafe shop is pristine, staff is courteous. Got myself caffe affogato. Just their merchandise is a tad pricey. Customers are walking advertisements.”

Jad Kheirallah – Local Guide (292 reviews, 1,063 photos)
“Great Coffee as well great Brie Baguette sandwich. Very smooth and easy to drink. Highly recommended!”

Maryam from Qatar – Local Guide (143 reviews, 1,696 photos)
“I LOVE their coffee ☕️. Very strong and original. Good service, they deliver to the car. Highly recommend 😋👌🏽.”

Ali Hammoud – Local Guide (272 reviews, 386 photos)
“Loved their cappuccino! Amazing place situated in the fabulous heart ❤ of downtown Doha, Msheireb. Highly recommended!”

For further inquiries, the cafe encourages patrons to contact them via email at or, depending on the nature of the feedback. Your experience matters, and % Arabica Msheireb Downtown Doha is committed to providing excellent service.

W Café at W Doha – A Luxurious Culinary Escape

Nestled within the opulent W Doha Hotel & Residences on Diplomatic Street, W Café is a beacon of sophistication, offering an exquisite culinary experience in the heart of Doha, Qatar. Discover the delights of this enchanting café, where luxurious ambiance meets culinary excellence.

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W Doha Hotel & Residences, Diplomatic St, Doha, Qatar

Operating Hours:
Open until 10 PM, W Café is the perfect spot to indulge in a delightful afternoon tea, a quick caffeine fix, or a leisurely dinner.

Explore the diverse offerings on their menu at, where an array of pastries, healthy options, and a selection of hotel-inspired delights await discerning palates.

Contact Information:
For inquiries or reservations, reach out to W Café at +974 4453 5135.

Google Review Summary:
With an impressive 4.6-star rating from 127 reviews, W Café stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence. Guests have shared their experiences, highlighting key aspects of the café.

Customer Reviews:

Manish Bagaria – Local Guide (33 reviews, 104 photos)
“Brightly lit and tucked into W, this cafe became our obvious choice for coffee after a fabulous dinner at the hotel. A huge spread of bakes and breads, healthy juices, and more. A perfect spot to unwind.”

Neil – Local Guide (122 reviews, 448 photos)
“Stopped by for a quick caffeine fix. The cappuccino was on the larger side and tasted good, though a bit expensive. A pleasant experience overall.”

Desert Fox – Local Guide (72 reviews, 22 photos)
“A beautifully themed café in W Hotel, Doha. Friendly staff, though service speed needs attention. Special thanks to Hamida for the warm welcome.”

Tobey Dore (6 reviews, 3 photos)
“Dine in | Lunch | QAR 150–200. Divine food, but the wait for the food needs addressing. Despite the slow service, the food quality makes it a must-visit.”

Mai Shehadeh – Local Guide (301 reviews, 1,971 photos)
“Exceptional service at the Mina port branch. Ms. Hilda provided incredible service. A delightful experience.”

Feroz Siddiqui – Local Guide (312 reviews, 3,342 photos)
“The best place for desserts in Doha. Hooked to W Cafe after staying at W Hotel for two weeks. An irresistible culinary journey.”

Andrés Alarcón – Local Guide (57 reviews, 45 photos)
“Afternoon tea is a good option here. Nice tea selection and convenient presentation using a candle to keep your tea hot.”

Oz MP (117 reviews, 303 photos)
“Visited during Ramadan and found a great place for coffee, snacks, and dinner with dessert. One of the best coffee spots in Doha with excellent food options.”

Embark on a culinary journey at W Café, where each visit promises an unparalleled experience of luxury, impeccable service, and delightful gastronomy. Indulge in the refined atmosphere and savor the unique flavors that make W Café a distinguished destination in Doha.

Vamos Cafe – A Culinary Haven for Healthy Delights

Discover a hidden gem in the heart of Doha, Qatar – Vamos Cafe, located on Hazm Al Markhiya St. This charming cafe is not just a destination; it’s an experience that has earned a remarkable 4.5-star rating from 110 reviews on Google.

Hazm Al Markhiya St, Doha, Qatar

Operating Hours:
Open until midnight, Vamos Cafe invites you to savor healthy indulgences and delightful flavors at any time of the day.

Contact Information:
For inquiries and orders, reach Vamos Cafe at +974 3010 1138.

Google Review Summary:
With an impressive 4.5-star rating, Vamos Cafe has garnered praise for its healthy options, drive-through service, tempting ice cream, refreshing juices, and savory cheese selections.

Customer Reviews:

Nurzetty Khairi – Local Guide (789 reviews, 6,239 photos)
“Dine in | Lunch | QAR 50–100. A hidden gem discovered while bowling at JMall. A nice and cozy cafe serving healthy options. Perfect for a quick lunch.”

OMER HOMIADA – Local Guide (160 reviews, 2,981 photos)
“Dine in | Other | QAR 50–100. A very good coffee shop with a variety of foods, including a special corner for diet and healthy options. Indoor and outdoor dining, to-go services, and a drive-through.”

Maryam from Qatar – Local Guide (143 reviews, 1,696 photos)
“A great experience located on the main street in Hazm Al Markhiya. The perfect spot for those seeking variety and a change from the usual. A must-visit.”

Urooj Omar – Local Guide (8 reviews, 55 photos)
“Stopped for a business zoom meet and some coffee. Comfortable healthy cafe vibe with indoor and outdoor options. Note: Outdoor seating does not have Wifi.”

Douaa D (1 review)
“Probably the best place that sells clean, healthy, and DELICIOUS food. Every item I tried was scrumptious and never missed!”

Asma X – Local Guide (84 reviews, 287 photos)
“I loved everything. Delicious cheese pies, excellent coffee, numerous healthy options, and very friendly staff.”

sho sho (9 reviews, 1 photo)
“Delivery | Lunch. Ordered through Talabat (tropical chicken) and found hair. The restaurant blamed the driver, but the issue was not resolved. Unpleasant experience.”

Rouda Al-kuwari – Local Guide (127 reviews, 628 photos)
“Many food options; however, sandwiches might be a bit soggy. Nonetheless, a great place to explore various culinary delights.”

Khalid Al-nameh – Local Guide (36 reviews, 39 photos)
“Honestly, I love the food here. Excited to come again and try the coffee. For salad lovers, the salmon with quinoa comes highly recommended.”

Vamos Cafe is not just a cafe; it’s a destination where health-conscious diners and coffee enthusiasts unite. Indulge in the clean, healthy, and delicious offerings that have made Vamos Cafe a standout culinary experience in Doha.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Al Mana Tower A: Elevating Coffee and Tea Experience

Indulge in the perfect blend of warmth, hospitality, and exceptional beverages at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf located in Al Mana Tower A, Doha, Qatar. As a renowned coffeehouse chain, they are dedicated to providing a delightful experience for tea and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Al Mana Tower A, Doha, Qatar

Operating Hours:
Open until 11 PM, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf invites you to savor their signature beverages in a welcoming atmosphere.

Contact Information:
For inquiries and orders, contact The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at +974 4493 0663.

About The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf:
“In addition to serving exceptional beverages, we strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. Our team of knowledgeable baristas and tea experts is dedicated to providing friendly and personalized service. We take the time to understand our customers’ preferences, guiding them through our extensive menu to find the perfect coffee or tea to suit their tastes. We aim to be a shop that brings joy, inspiration, and a sense of well-being to our customers and the world around us.”

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Google Review Summary:
Boasting a remarkable 4.5-star rating from 352 reviews, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Al Mana Tower A is celebrated for its diverse menu featuring favorites like lattes, breakfast options, matcha, and caramel delights.

Customer Reviews:

Linda Mabaso – Local Guide (20 reviews, 4 photos)
“Dine in | Breakfast | QAR 50–100. A haven for tea and coffee lovers. Delight in a variety of tea options, and the delicious food ensures I’ll keep coming back with friends.”

Ridtz Rahmat – Local Guide (222 reviews, 2,376 photos)
“A cleaner, spacious, and well-lit cafe. Great coffees and breakfast options. Friendly staff and a perfect place to chill or work.”

Umair Ansari – Local Guide (408 reviews, 1,766 photos)
“Great place for coffee with a calm ambiance. The coffee is exceptional, and the cold cappuccino is a family favorite. A serene spot to enjoy your coffee.”

Esraa Al Barsiky – Local Guide (193 reviews, 960 photos)
“Very friendly staff, nice ambiance. Although breakfast wasn’t as expected, other food options like croissants or pasta are delightful.”

Abbas Sultan – Local Guide (39 reviews, 101 photos)
“Experience a laid-back evening with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the taste of specialty cheesecake. A perfect blend of goodness and love.”

Anisar Masanang (6 reviews, 2 photos)
“Dine in | Dinner | QAR 50–100. Yummy food, delicious salad dressing, and tasty beverages. A cafe that stands out for its delightful and flavorful menu.”

Ugat10 – Local Guide (14 reviews, 61 photos)
“Dine in | QAR 1–50. Nice and cozy place. Superb coffee ❤️☕️”

Asser Ibrahim – Local Guide (151 reviews, 356 photos)
“QAR 1–50. Great taste of a cup of coffee. A testament to the exceptional coffee experience provided by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.”

Hani Gerges – Local Guide (352 reviews, 857 photos)
“Nice and clean cafe with friendly staff. Good coffee and breakfast options. Clean furniture and a welcoming ambiance.”

Experience the joy of exceptional coffee and tea at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Al Mana Tower A. Elevate your senses with their diverse menu and welcoming atmosphere, where every sip is a celebration of flavor and warmth.

Kava Koffee – A Culinary Haven in Katara Cultural Village

Discover the enchanting world of Kava Koffee, nestled in the heart of Katara Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar. This cozy coffee haven has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike, earning a stellar 4.5-star rating from 295 Google reviews.

Location: Katara Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar

Operating Hours: Open until 10:30 PM, Kava Koffee invites you to experience their delightful space and extraordinary offerings.

Contact Information: For inquiries and orders, contact Kava Koffee at +974 3069 6665.

Google Review Summary: With a commendable 4.5-star rating, Kava Koffee is celebrated for its inviting space, signature flat whites, delectable cakes, and lattes that keep patrons coming back for more.

Customer Reviews:

Nader MNM – Local Guide (12 reviews, 9 photos) “Dine in | Breakfast | QAR 50–100. A coffee shop with a professional and welcoming atmosphere. The pesto halloumi sandwich is a must-try, and the Ethiopian medium roast beans make for a perfect cortado.”

Roudah Alnoaimi (10 reviews, 19 photos) “Dine in | Other. Some items were unavailable, but the cheesecake was a delight. However, the coffee had a sour and bubbly taste.”

Just F6amy – Local Guide (72 reviews, 73 photos) “Take out | Other | QAR 100–150. Speechless ♥️. Amazing coffee and the best Granola in Qatar.”

Maria Ponikarova (4 reviews, 2 photos) “Take out | Brunch | QAR 1–50. Truly amazing specialty coffee with a warm welcome. Cortado, flat white, and affogato are my usual choices. You feel the warmth every time.”

Mansi Bhatia – Local Guide (70 reviews, 15 photos) “Dine in | Other | QAR 50–100. Good iced tea, nice ambiance. Highly recommended.”

Laila Melo – Local Guide (24 reviews, 55 photos) “Dine in | Breakfast. A nice place to have coffee and enjoy the view, but the cake looks better than it tastes. A little disappointing.”

Muraisen Hajri – Local Guide (150 reviews, 561 photos) “Dine in. Good atmosphere with slightly high prices. Delicious snacks to savor. Check out the menu.”

Belal Masood – Local Guide (65 reviews, 51 photos) “A very cozy place with beautiful interior decoration. Perfect for a quality time. Comfy seating, good location with minimal traffic. A delightful experience.”

Nurzetty Khairi – Local Guide (789 reviews, 6,239 photos) “One of my favorite coffee places. Love the ambiance, and the flat white is just as I like it. Regular go-to place for coffee. Five stars for the coffee!”

Immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance of Kava Koffee, where each sip and bite is a testament to the artistry of coffee-making and culinary delights.

As the rich aromas of freshly brewed coffee linger in the air and the echoes of satisfied patrons resonate through the diverse cafes of Doha, it’s evident that the city’s coffee culture is a harmonious blend of flavors, experiences, and community. From the trendy streets of Msheireb Downtown to the elegant corners of Diplomatic St, the bustling scenes of Hazm Al Markhiya, the global embrace of Al Mana Tower A, and the cultural retreat in Katara Village, each cafe has left its mark on the tapestry of Doha’s culinary landscape.

Whether you find yourself sipping a perfectly crafted cup at % Arabica Msheireb Downtown, indulging in the sophistication of W Café, embracing the healthful offerings at Vamos Cafe, enjoying a global experience at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or relishing the cozy ambiance of Kava Koffee, Doha’s coffee scene invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and enjoyment.

As coffee enthusiasts and casual visitors alike continue to savor the unique offerings of each cafe, it’s clear that Doha’s coffee culture is not just about the beverages but about creating moments, fostering connections, and celebrating the diverse flavors that make each cafe a destination worth revisiting. So, whether you’re a devoted coffee connoisseur or someone seeking a delightful experience, may your coffee adventures in Doha be filled with joy, inspiration, and the warmth of a well-brewed cup. Cheers to the thriving coffee culture of Doha!

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