The Garage Inc

The Garage Inc

Location: 300 S Bahnson Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57103, United States

Rating: 4.5

Rated count: 100


Special Service:

The Garage Inc in Sioux Falls, SD offers a unique and specialized service that sets them apart from other car repair shops in the area. Their special service includes…

Car Repair and maintenance in Sioux Falls, SD

When it comes to car repair and maintenance in Sioux Falls, SD, The Garage Inc is the go-to destination for local residents. With their years of experience and dedication to providing top-notch service, customers can trust that their vehicles are in good hands.

Whether you need a simple oil change, brake repair, or more extensive engine work, The Garage Inc has the skills and expertise to get the job done right the first time. Their team of highly trained mechanics use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to diagnose and fix any issues your vehicle may be experiencing.

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From regular maintenance to emergency repairs, The Garage Inc offers a wide range of services to keep your car running smoothly and safely. Their commitment to customer satisfaction means that you can trust them to provide honest advice and fair pricing for all your automotive needs.

Don’t wait until your car breaks down to visit The Garage Inc. Regular maintenance is key to preventing costly repairs down the road. Schedule an appointment today and experience the superior service that sets The Garage Inc apart from the competition.

Contact The Garage Inc at 300 S Bahnson Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57103, United States or visit their website at for more information about their services and to book an appointment.

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5 thoughts on “The Garage Inc”

  1. Rant Alert 🚨

    TLDR: Do not go to The Garage on Bahnson unless you want to throw a check

    I had a misfire on my car, so I do what most would do and take it to AutoZone to get the code read. Came back with a misfire on cylinder 3. Having some experience with repair I thought “probably a coil pack or plugs, I’ll replace all the plugs and the coil pack on that cylinder no sweat” so for pure convenience and because I had gone to these guys for my larger repairs since highschool I went to The Garage. when I went I told them, “I have a misfire on cylinder 3, gonna need a coil pack and a set of plugs if you could get me a quote on that fix” which he replied “so your car is running rough?” Which to me felt condescending and looking back I should have just pulled it then to avoid what happened next. Few days later they call me back with the quote. $850 for plugs and a coil pack on an inline engine! Then when I try to pull my vehicle out it’s $150 for the “diagnostic” when I told them what I wanted done when I came in! Will not be coming back!

  2. These guys were great to work with, worked with me and my schedule. They were upfront, honest, gave me a ballpark on my expected expense, never tried to upsell me, and kept me informed. 100% would recommend.

  3. Never bolted the peice hanging down from my car said I had a drink leaking out of my car when it was actually coolant leaking out of radiator hose and water pump now my car over heats they did not properly diagnose my car and now I had to pay another mechanic shortly after that to re diagnose my car and fix it these people are crooks not sure if they even fixed what they said in my car at all
    Do not recommend

  4. The highest caliber of service. I’ve been going to The Garage for nearly 10 years and they have always been of the strongest moral fiber, the kindest service, the best value, and the most thorough service. Thank you Wade, Heath, Craig and the entire team at The Garage!

    As a specific, they do excellent quality checks and catch important things that are wearing down. I like their detailed rundown. They only make quality recommendations and were invaluable in helping me select my used vehicle.

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