Introduction: Nestled in the bustling city of Jakarta, Three K Coffee Kemang is a cozy and inviting coffee shop that has been captivating the hearts of locals and tourists alike. With a stellar rating of 4.5 stars and over 500 ratings, Three K Coffee Kemang has become a must-visit destination for coffee enthusiasts looking to experience the best brews in town. From its prime location in the South Jakarta City, this coffee shop has quickly established itself as a go-to spot for anyone seeking a quality cup of coffee in a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. Special Menu: Three K Coffee Kemang has an impressive array of specialty drinks that are sure to delight even the most discerning of coffee connoisseurs. Some of the standout items on their menu include: 1. Three K Signature Drink: A unique blend of espresso, milk, and a hint of caramel, this signature drink is a crowd favorite that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Three K Coffee Kemang. Creamy and indulgent, this beverage is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone in need of a little caffeine boost. 2. Unicorn Latte: For those looking to add a pop of color to their day, the Unicorn Latte is a visually stunning drink that features a vibrant rainbow of colors swirled into a delicious latte. Not only is this beverage a feast for the eyes, but it also boasts a bold and rich flavor that is sure to leave you wanting more. 3. Matcha Madness: Matcha lovers rejoice, because Three K Coffee Kemang’s Matcha Madness drink is a must-try for anyone with a penchant for this Japanese green tea powder. Smooth and velvety, this beverage combines the earthy notes of matcha with creamy milk for a satisfying and refreshing drink that is perfect for any time of day.
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In addition to their specialty drinks, Three K Coffee Kemang also offers a delectable selection of pastries and light bites that pair perfectly with their coffee offerings. From freshly baked croissants to decadent cakes, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this charming coffee shop. Content: With its trendy decor and friendly staff, Three K Coffee Kemang offers a welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for catching up with friends, studying, or simply enjoying a moment of solitude with a great cup of coffee. The interior of the coffee shop is thoughtfully designed with cozy seating areas, ambient lighting, and an eclectic mix of decor that creates a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether you prefer to sit at a table and chat with friends or cozy up in a corner with a book, Three K Coffee Kemang provides the perfect setting for relaxation and enjoyment. The coffee at Three K Coffee Kemang is nothing short of exceptional, with a dedication to quality that is evident in every sip. The baristas are skilled in the art of coffee-making and take great pride in crafting the perfect cup of coffee for each customer. Whether you prefer a strong and bold espresso or a creamy and frothy latte, you can rest assured that your drink will be expertly prepared with care and precision.
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One of the standout features of Three K Coffee Kemang is their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. The coffee shop partners with local farmers and suppliers to ensure that their ingredients are of the highest quality and sourced in a responsible manner. From their coffee beans to their dairy products, Three K Coffee Kemang strives to support environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious practices that make a positive impact on the community. In addition to their regular menu offerings, Three K Coffee Kemang also hosts special events and workshops that showcase the talents of local artists, musicians, and creatives. These events provide a unique opportunity for customers to experience the vibrant culture of Jakarta while enjoying delicious coffee and snacks. Whether you’re interested in live music performances, art exhibitions, or coffee brewing classes, Three K Coffee Kemang has something for everyone to enjoy. Conclusion: In conclusion, Three K Coffee Kemang is a hidden gem in Jakarta that offers a truly exceptional coffee experience. With its welcoming atmosphere, top-notch drinks, and commitment to sustainability, this coffee shop has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or simply looking for a cozy spot to relax and unwind, Three K Coffee Kemang is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a quality cup of coffee in a charming and inviting setting. So next time you find yourself in Jakarta, be sure to stop by Three K Coffee Kemang and treat yourself to a coffee experience unlike any other.

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5 thoughts on “THREE K COFFEE KEMANG”

  1. • Taste: 3/5, the coffe is not hot
    • Ambience: 4/5, outdoor & indoor, attractive design & interior, instagramablle
    • Menu: 3/5, not many
    • Price: a bit costly
    • Services: standar
    • Parking lot: 4/5, enough space
    • Overall: 3.6/5

  2. Great coffee shop with great melted cheese sandwich! The place is hidden from the main street, so you may use the map to find it. Parking space is large,enough for 10-15 cars. They offer various types of coffee, but the signature is the ice coffee with brown coconut sugar. The place is quite cozy to hang around with your best buddies

  3. 3K coffee. Been there in kemang utara for delivering good coffee with la marzocco strada, mahlkonig ek43 and hario electric grinder. Roast their own coffee. Small coffee shop, quite limited for car park but its not so busy anymore, i think car park wont be problem.

  4. A small and cozy cafe, suitable for light chat or remote working. The coffee is good as well as the pastry. The price is affordable. The place is small though, only less than 10 people could sit in.

  5. I ordered ice “kopi yang itu” and churros. The coffee taste good, it has more coffee taste rather than milk, so it’s suits my taste. Churros taste good but the chocolate dipping sauce is a lil bit sweet for me.

    Why i gave 3 stars? They only provide 1 non smoking floor, on the ground floor. The 2nd and the 3rd is smoking floor with bad circulation, so those floors smells cig strongly.

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