UNA at The Alkaff Mansion

Alkaff Mansion at UNA is a Spanish and European restaurant located in a romantic and charming heritage building in Singapore. The restaurant offers a delightful selection of Spanish and European cuisine, making it a perfect place for a romantic dinner or business meetings. The restaurant provides an exquisite selection of drinks and a warm atmosphere, ideal for intimate gatherings or special occasions. Alkaff Mansion at UNA is known for its excellent services and high-quality dishes, including its seafood paella, slow-cooked egg, pork, warm chocolate sauce, iberico, wagyu, tapas, foie gras, Spanish food, and wine pairing menu.

Contact Information:
Alkaff Mansion at UNA
10 Telok Blangah Green Alkaff Mansion Level 2, Singapore 109178 Singapore
Telok Blangah Drive
Website: [website]
Email: [email]
Phone: +65 8126 8844


Eric from Istanbul had a wonderful date night with his wife, where they enjoyed excellent service and a memorable meal at Alkaff Mansion at UNA. The long, thin tableware made their dining experience unique.

Thea843240 felt that the ambiance at Alkaff Mansion was fantastic and that the service received was great. Although they wished they had more bread, they enjoyed the pulpo, foie gras, cheese platter, chorizo paella, and txuleta. The cocktails and wine selection were also outstanding.

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AWH_Singapore had mixed feelings about their dining experience, stating that the food was great, but the service did not meet their expectations, leaving room for improvement.

Phalomao shared that Alkaff Mansion at UNA has great food and an inviting atmosphere. The highlight of their experience was the paella, grilled octopus, and the warm and friendly staff. They enjoyed a lovely evening, despite having to climb stairs to get into the restaurant.

Mleesbourne experienced an exceptional lunch at Alkaff Mansion at UNA, finding the silky slow-cooked egg and pork to be particularly satisfying.

Janelle_z noted that the manager was friendly and introduced them to some of the dishes on the menu. They had a great time enjoying delightful Spanish cuisine and quality service with their family.

RoyC2158 was impressed by the service provided by Seraj and the rest of the staff at Alkaff Mansion. They highly recommended the restaurant for its Spanish food and excellent customer service.

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Yako L had a delightful evening at the restaurant, enjoying the cozy atmosphere and delicious food. They particularly appreciated the service and recommended the restaurant for a romantic dinner.

Sidney N celebrated New Year’s Eve at Alkaff Mansion at UNA with their family, where they enjoyed an outstanding dining experience, excellent service, and a delightful selection of dishes.

Alkaff Mansion at UNA offers an exquisite selection of Spanish and European cuisine in a romantic and charming heritage building in Singapore. The restaurant provides an inviting and warm atmosphere, making it a perfect place for a romantic dinner or special occasions. Guests can enjoy excellent service, indulge in high-quality dishes, and savor a delightful selection of special drinks. Whether for a romantic evening or a business gathering, Alkaff Mansion at UNA guarantees an exceptional dining experience.

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