Yakiniku Heijoen

In this article, we will review the popular yakiniku restaurant, Boulevard, located in Singapore. With a variety of cuisines to choose from and an inviting ambience, Boulevard aims to provide an enjoyable dining experience. We will take a closer look at the ratings and reviews based on customers’ experiences, as well as the special drinks and food options offered at this establishment.

Ratings and Reviews:
With a rating of 4.0 based on 50 reviews, Boulevard is ranked #2,136 out of 10,008 restaurants in Singapore. The reviews provide valuable insights into the restaurant’s atmosphere, service, and value.

Detailed Reviews:
Some of the reviews highlighted the satisfaction with the food and the enjoyable experience of grilling meats with friends in a cozy and vibrant ambiance. There were also mentions of some issues with the aged kimchi and the hardness of the beef big-intestine shimacho. However, the menu was described as exciting, and customers appreciated the variety of beef types available for grilling.

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On the other hand, there were negative reviews that expressed disappointment in the service, with reports of rude behavior from the staff. Complaints included orders being taken incorrectly, slow service, and lack of attentiveness from the wait staff. These negative encounters impacted the overall dining experience for some customers.

In contrast, there were positive reviews that highlighted excellent service and delicious meat dishes. Customers appreciated the helpful and accommodating waiters, as well as the quality and freshness of the food. The affordability of the lunch buffet and the value for money were also recognized.

Special Drinks and Food Options:
The menu at Boulevard boasts a range of cuisines, including barbecue, Japanese, seafood, Korean, and grill. Lunch, dinner, and drinks are available, and the establishment offers an exciting array of beef types for grilling, including beef tongue and marinated beef. Some recommended dishes include the beef-bone soup and daikon-radish kimchi, as well as the Heijoen Kalbi set and wagyu beef for lunch.

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Location and Contact:
Boulevard is conveniently located at 100 Tras Street, 100 AM Mall, 03-11, Singapore 079027, just 0.5 miles from Chinatown. For inquiries and reservations, the restaurant can be reached at +65 6538 2981.

In conclusion, Boulevard offers a diverse culinary experience with a variety of cuisines to choose from. The restaurant’s atmosphere, service, and food quality have received mixed reviews, with both positive and negative feedback from customers. While some patrons have expressed appreciation for the enjoyable dining experience and delicious food options, others have highlighted issues with the service and staff behavior. Overall, Boulevard provides an intriguing dining destination for those interested in exploring yakiniku and various Asian cuisines, and it may be worth a visit to form your own opinion on this establishment.

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